Happy Customers

Ms. Shirley Knight
Clarkesville Finance, Inc.

"Absolutely making the right choice for METRO 2® Software" Clarkesville Finance, Inc. has been in business over 50 years, since 1955. We started working with computers about 15 years ago but the owner, Mr. Butner, did not care too much for them and still is not to sure about using them. So we had to keep manual records on our customers. When the credit bureau no longer allowed us to report on manual forms, our search was on to find software that we could easily use. We tried several software programs and they were totally confusing. Then we found Credit Time 2000© from Hutchins Systems, Inc. Their software was so easy to understand and they explained in their manuals lots of information we did not know about credit reporting (kind of got you stuff). The Credit Time 2000© software was extremely simple to use. You know what fields need to be used and you may just pick a field, click your choice, pick the next field, click on your choice and when all the information was filled in, click Save. How easy is that? When you have all of your accounts in, you just create the file (in METRO 2®), download it to the credit bureau and move on to something else you may need to be doing. Save your time. Please take our word for their product, we tried others’ METRO 2® software and gave up. We are happy we now lease - Credit Time 2000©. It really is the best one to use and your credit information will be reported accurately.

Ms. Teri Tatum
Harbor Finance LLC

Hutchins Systems, Inc's technical support staff has been so wonderful and helpful to our company. We are a small business and the paper work sometimes falls through the cracks. We were alarmed to find out that information we thought we were sending to Experian was not in fact going with our Windows 7© system due to administrative or lack of authorization in Windows 7© security controls. Their staff has spent hours upon hours updating, correcting and helping us get back on track with our credit data to insure our credit reports are the most accurate they can be. Sam has helped us make the jump to Windows 7© accurately. Unfortunately we had a local computer tech try to make that transfer for us and it totally messed up our ability to report. A caution to all please be sure to call Credit Time 2000© support staff first for instructions prior to letting someone touch your computer system! Call Sam, in support 833-387-7545 x 2 for instructions FIRST!! Thanks to Sam we were able to recover information our tech messed up and get back to business. This really helped us and our customers. Thanks to your full support staff!

M. George
North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center

Can I first say THANK YOU! I really appreciate you sending so much detailed information for me. I would also like to give a pat on the back to your support group. They were so extremely helpful and more importantly patient with me. They gave me some helpful hints, a quick tutorial and that was the real reason I got up and running (so to speak) and able to turn our information in on time. Your staff clearly cares about your customers and it shows in your level of customer service. Your help was so much appreciated. Marcie

Kyle Johnson
Med Com Systems, Inc.

"We recently submitted our initial data to Equifax, using Credit Time 2000@. To our surprise, we were informed that our initial data was "Excellent", and that it could be loaded into production. In my 15 years of working at various credit institutions, I have never had a credit bureau give their blessing to "initial" data. Never! I must say, that comparing your software to the competition is like comparing a Volkswagen (theirs) to a Ferrari (The Hutchins Systems, Inc. Credit Time 2000@). Your system, Credit Time 2000©, is flat out THE BEST! For one, your system reports to all 4 bureaus, which the competition does not. Initially, it was a little difficult to acclimate ourselves to Credit time 2000@, but this was simply due to the complexities associated with the METRO 2 FORMAT®, and not the Credit Time 2000© software. At this time we are waiting confirmation back for the other two credit reporting agencies regarding our data. We are positive that the results will be the same. In closing we would like to thank you and your staff for all of your patience and understanding. Furthermore, we look forward to continuing using the Credit Time 2000© software."

Thomas Johnson

"Just a big thank you to your company. Since we became a client of yours years ago, the invoicing has been accurate, technical support outstanding, and your credit reporting has been flawless month after month. Companies like yours are a rare find!"

Isaac Maldonado
Director, Account Services, PEAK FINANCE, LP.

"Recently our office - Peak Finance, LP - leased the Hutchins Systems, Inc's Credit Time 2000© software product. We are a finance company that purchases motor vehicle sales contracts. As part of our business, we wished to report our consumer credit to Trans Union. Due to my limited computer experience, I recently had a problem transmitting our credit files to Trans Union. I did not know how to resolve the problem, so I called the staff at Hutchins Systems, Inc. and inquired about the Credit Time 2000© software. They were prompt in responding and always courteous. Most importantly, they were very knowledgeable and able to explain the nature of the problem to me. They went out of their way to review and tell me how to correct my data entry (typo) errors in my credit files and how to easily send the file to Trans Union. In today's business world, so many companies are only interested in a sale. I have found that the organization at Hutchins Systems, Inc. (Credit Time 2000©) cares very much about their customers and has a vested interest in having excellence in customer support. The staff at Hutchins Systems, Inc. (Credit Time 2000©) was extremely helpful and went out of their way to assist me. I would definitely recommend any company in need of this type of software (credit reporting software for all national credit bureaus) to do business with this company. Hutchins Systems, Inc. - Credit Time 2000© -stands behind their product with great customer service. You will find below (from Trans Union) their response to our first submission of data. Here is an out take from my Trans Union email. "The file looks great. This is awesome." Trans Union data analyst for our area."