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Credit Time 2000© is a credit reporting software product of Hutchins Systems Inc. Since 1985, Hutchins Systems Inc has been providing consulting and advisory services to many of small and large software vendors, banks, saving and loans, and many other businesses for credit reporting. Our services assist them in reporting consumer credit data, business credit and public record information to the National Credit Bureaus and outside mass data collection networks. Hutchins Systems Inc has done consulting work for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union credit bureaus for public record collections and credit reporting. We also have done consultant with the data management groups for some largest Banking Software Vendors, Medical Hospital Systems regarding reporting requirements and credit bureau reporting issues.

We understand credit like no one else with our credit bureau experience

Understanding and developing the credit reporting applications for consumer data reporting to the National Credit Repositories requires extensive experience in the credit reporting industry along with years of programming development experience. Developing the METRO 2 FORMAT® structure, data storage, edit controls and reporting requirements for the METRO 2® Credit Reporting FCRA format is certainly not an easy task and must not be taken lightly. New guidelines for Consumer Credit Reporting must be meet and updated according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and continue to be updated whenever new federal or state consumer credit laws are changed and credit bureaus enchacement are made to the METRO 2 FORMAT®.

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We work have worked with Experian, Equifax and Trans Union credit bureaus as in a consultant role for METRO 2® reporting and Public Records Reporting along with their members.

Each one of our employees has an average of 20 years experience working with all four of the major credit bureaus. In addition all of our staff has a combined total of 60 years of programming experience in working and programming in serveral different programming languages along with prior management postiions in some of the top 100 companies in Software Development/ Programming positions. Mr. David Hutchins, founder and CEO of Hutchins Systems Inc worked for several years with TRW Credit Services (Now Experian Credit Bureau) in a management role over their data analysis group in the Southeastern Region . In 1985, he founded Hutchins Sys-Con and Company, Inc. (a Georgia Corporation) for providing consulting to Large Banking Groups, and other companies who want to benefit from reporting to the credit bureaus. Today, he is CEO/President of Hutchins Systems, Inc. (a Florida Corporation). Mr. David Hutchins is listed in the National Registry Who’s Who, Co-Chairman of Small Business Advisor Board for United States Congress representing the State of Florida, and is a former Disable Vietnam Veteran that served proudly for his country. vice-disable veteran which applies to the Federal VBA Act of 1999 ( Public Law 106-50) for federal contracts. The Over the years both companies have developed a few of their own marketable products. Hutchins Sys-Con and Company, Inc. developed Legal Works©, a public record collection software system for collection of public records in court house across the US, which is still being used by the some of the Consumer Credit Bureau Repositories as well other processor of legal information, for over 15 years LegalWorks has only one upgrade required, which is remarkable! In 1992, Hutchins Sys-Con and Company, Inc. developed Last Chance© Metro I credit reporting software for MS DOS** users, and many businesses are still using today to report to all of the four credit bureaus. In 1999, Hutchins Systems, Inc. developed Credit Time 2000©, a WINDOWS base version of New METRO 2® Credit Reporting Format, for the small consumer business industry (with FCRA – standards) and is used through out the United States by more than 2000 users and is accepted and approved by all national credit bureau repositories – this product has been very successfully due to our experience and reputation for quality work and understand of credit reporting requirements and issues. We continue to the Industry Leader in METRO 2® Credit Reporting Software after 20 years of business/ Please read our Testimonials.

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If your company could use our vast knowledge in consulting and advisory services with writing the METRO 2 FORMAT® (new required format) or need our experience to correct any problems or credit reporting issues with your current METRO 2® reporting format in which you may have be having with your current METRO 2 FORMAT® for consumer data reporting to the credit bureaus, please contact us and let us help you. For Fees and understanding of the areas your office desires our assistance and expertise contact us at:


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