Stack Data Processing

Do you already have enough tasks on your plate to successfully run your business? We can help you with furnishing your consumer accounts to Equifax, Experian, TransUnion & Innovis.

For more than 33 years we have been helping our clients to furnish their consumer accounts to national credit bureaus. We also validate your Metro 2 data each month so you are complaint with the latest Metro 2 Standards!

Starting at $110/month

What Is Included?

    • Secure portal access to upload your Metro 2® file.
    • Pre-Audit data validation before submitting the first load to the credit bureaus, this will increase the  accuracy of your accounts and also decrease the rate of rejection by bureaus.
    • Post-Audit correction/validation after receiving feedback from credit bureaus.
    • Downloadable audit report every month.
    • Your consumer accounts will be submitted to national credit bureaus through our stack processing.
    • We retain backups of your credit files for 6 months on our server in case your system crashes.
    • Unlimited phone and email support related to credit reporting queries.