e-CreditTime – Metro 2® Cloud Credit Reporting Software

e-CreditTime is the first in the industry “cloud” Metro 2® Credit Reporting Software that allows your business to report consumer credit accounts to Equifax, Experian, Innovis, TransUnion and real-time alternative credit bureaus in the highly requested METRO 2 FORMAT® released by the CONSUMER DATA INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION® from 1999-2024.

e-CreditTime’s METRO 2 FORMAT® includes all of the changes made within the last 20+ years of credit reporting , including all the current Federal Regulations and Fair Credit Reporting Act rules and regulations including the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act.

No Installation! Access from Anywhere!

e-CreditTime is a cloud solution, there is no installation and can be accessed from anywhere using a laptop or desktop computer with internet connection.

Detailed support features than any other METRO 2® reporting product.

Unlimited email support granted to all licensed registered users.

We provide you with a friendly online user manual and helpful hints instructions to get you up and running in minutes at no cost to you.

Highly Configurable

No two businesses are exactly alike, that is why e-CreditTime is highly customizable to your needs. Our software allows each customer to enter and report data to the credit bureaus that is specific to their business and industry.

e-CreditTime also provides an option to backup your data to your laptop or desktop in an encrypted format in case it is required as part of your business compliance process.

Report accurate data and lower your liability

The most important feature of the e-CreditTime program are the validations that are available before generating the METRO 2® file.

Our extensive data quality audit does over 1,000,000 validations for every 1,000 accounts.

Field validation checks ensure the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements and the METRO 2® credit bureau requirements at the initial time of manual data entry. This ensures that your credit reporting is accurate and in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our software helps you get it right the first time, so that you do not spend your valuable time running error reports over and over to find missing data fields and making corrections.

Our detail testing and quality control effort’s, before a scheduled release, saves you and your staff time, money and eliminates input frustration. You wish your software to work right the first time. When the testing has been full completed for as many specific conditions, for all industry types, before you must utilize the option for your own reporting, ensures your reporting runs smoothly. Our detail testing effort’s ensure your office, when using our e-CreditTime software, that your system software works the first time.

Secure Backup

You have an option to take a backup of your data anytime and keep it in an encrypted format in a safe location. If by any chance we lose your data in our system you can always import the data you have in your laptop/desktop and keep going. This valuable feature is offered to give you a sense of security and peace that you always have access to your data.

Other Important Features

  • Unlimited email support granted to all licensed registered users.
  • Allows viewing a list of all customers and their account information and sorts by any field with one click- functions just like Excel.
  • User friendly and easy to follow screens.
  • Comprehensive, easy to follow step-by-step manuals and instructions.
  • Unparalleled reporting to all four major bureaus – Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union.
  • More automatic validations than any other credit reporting software to ensure that your data will be loaded to the bureaus properly the first time.
  • Full online help and how to assistance.
  • Configurable number of co-signers per account.
  • Easy drop down boxes for selecting data field options.
  • Thorough cues of required and non required field entry on all data screens – saves you from submitting over and over again.
  • Allows as many customer(s) and account(s) as your office will require.
  • Allows multiple companies to be reported  – perfect for Credit Reporting Companies that work for many clients.
  • Quick on-boarding within days and not weeks.
  • Supports all status codes, type codes, comment codes, 24 prior month history, and all appended segments of the METRO 2 FORMAT®.
  • Simple backup and restore procedures to any media desired.
  • Supports Equifax eReporting, Experian and Trans Union Connect Enterprises electronic transfer and Innovis FTP transfer for direct reporting with no additional software required. (Must have internet access and a internet browser).
  • Recommended and Approved by all credit bureaus. Preferred METRO 2® Software Vendor for Experian.

Systems Requirements for e-CreditTime

  • Any web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Recommended: Flash Drive for data backup.